What to do – Seedling Superpower
May, 2019
Your Seedling Superpower is commonly experienced Day 1-3 of menstruation.

It is the time for BIG ideas to land and massive creativity to spark.

This is because the corpus callosum – the bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain – is working overtime, processing and making connections across huge amounts of data.

(Note: If you don’t bleed anymore, are on a break from bleeding, or have never bled, you may also experience Seedling Superpower on the New Moon and at Winter Solstice).

Here’s your 6 step guide of what to do when you are in your Seedling Menstrual Superpower:

  1. Choose tasks you can do easily
Choose tasks you can do easily – preferably tasks that you have done many times before, so that you have space to let your creativity spark.

If you usually fly planes everyday, continue to fly planes. If you normally facilitate workshops, continue to facilitate workshops.

Let your muscle memory of the tasks you usually do, guide your actions while you are in this Seedling phase – so you have a greater opportunity to notice the new ideas storming through you.

2. Record
Keep a notebook handy so you can jot down the new ideas that arrive.

Seedling Menstrual Superpower is serious idea generation time and it’s so important you record these big ideas when you can.

You won’t see these huge ideas again for at least another cycle (if at all), so take notes or make videos on your phone.

Importantly, you don’t need to action anything – just get the ideas down during this phase.

3. Don’t question your ideas.
Don’t question the validity of your ideas, or try and work out how you are going to implement them.

Intuition and bold ideas are common in the Seedling Menstrual Superpower, because of the increased communication flow between the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

Expect light bulb moments, clear instruction, and no understanding how you got there!

4. Read.
Remember all those industry articles, compliance training and long corporate announcements you’ve bookmarked to read when you have more time?

Now is the time.

Read slowly and take notes. Your brain will be taking in more than you think, storing tidbits of information to create unexpected connections in the future.

5. Serious rest!
This is the time to treat rest like a competitive sport, and sneak in your training however you can!

It’s in your job description to take a 15 minute break, so take that time to rest on the couch, floor, private meeting room or go hide in your car.

Breathe deeply through your nose for a count of 4, and out your mouth for a count of 8 with a pause at the end – and do absolutely nothing else.

Yes – that means no phone, no email, no podcasts, no music!

I know it’s hard to do nothing but I know you can do this – you deserve the mini break, and your rest will pay dividends in the next few days when you encounter the Strategy Menstrual Superpower.

6. Work from home.
If your workplace is one of the 70% of organisations that have a flexible work policy, now is the time to explore it.

(If you are an entrepreneur or work from home, you have an advantage here!)

Set yourself up with your hotwater bottle, laptop, notepad for your big ideas, phone, nutritious snacks and a warm drink.

You’ll be amazed how productive you can be when you don’t have to take public transport or make small talk, and can just focus completely on your work.

Would you like more support in your Seedling Superpowers Journey?

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And if you’d like support for your Menstrual Superpowers and how to incorporate them into your life, I am available for 1:1 coaching or can present to your workplace. Please explore my Services page for more information.

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