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Hello there High Achiever! (yes – that’s you!)

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Chasing deadlines because there’s not enough time in the day to get #allthethings done?

Frustrated with your menstrual cycle and all the hormonal ups and downs?

Have you been wondering why:

  1. tasks seem effortless one week, then take 4 times as long two weeks later?  
  2. you’re tired but your creative juices flow while on your period? 
  3. your problem-solving capabilities explode 3 days before the Dark Moon?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because here I share the career secret weapon that is so ordinary, so NORMAL no-one thought to tell you about it at business school.

I’m talking about how to structure your day, your month, your quarter according to your natural cyclical energy.

As your Cycle Superpowers Life Coach, it’s my job to spill ALL THE BEANS and support you to understand that your changing energy throughout your cycle is perfectly normal.

I’m here to shine a light on your 12 cycle superpowers across the 6 phases of your cycle – and watch you rise up the ranks as you step into your power!

I can’t wait to share with you the My SUPERR Cycle time management system, so you can hack your workflow and create the life you desire!

Client Love

Kelly Banks Coaching Testimonial for Michaela Rosandich - Empress Crow and Rabbit

3 months of 1:1 coaching with Michaela helped me become more aware of what I need to do during the different phases of my cycle. I now know which days to focus on new analysis, which days to pitch, and which days to brainstorm. Michaela helped me realise that the ways I support myself, directly impact the success and sustainability of my business. I highly recommend Michaela and her coaching! 

Kelly Banks
 Support Crew
Kelly Banks<br/>Co-Founder<br/>

Mandy Mai - Simple True Love Coaching - Empress Crow and Rabbit Cycles Calendar Testimonial

I recommend the Hello Wonder Woman Workshop because it’s so practical. I learnt how to stay alert and how to defend myself when I’m out alone – because anything can happen. It was also a deep dive into facing my fears and coming out of it feeling empowered. This workshop is a unique experience that no one else offers. I love your work Michaela!

Mandy Mai
Self Love Coach
Mandy Mai<br/>Self Love Coach<br/>

Kelly Paris testimonial for Empress Crow and Rabbit Cycles Calendar

Using the Cycles Calendar has been such a gift to myself. After many years of painful endometriosis I had to stop my monthly bleed for a little pain relief. Tracking my cycle with a calendar has helped me stay connected to my body in a way that I was missing because I no longer bleed. Even if you don’t have a period, this is a beautiful way to stay connected to the wisdom and cycles of your body so you can harness your natural flow state.

Kelly Paris
Marketing Maven
Kelly Paris<br/>Marketing Maven<br/>

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Michaela Rosandich

Cycle Superpowers Coach

In 2016, after nearly 2 decades working in corporate, I created Empress Crow and Rabbit to celebrate the cycles (lunar, menstrual + seasonal).

Now, I'm a Life Coach + I support high achievers just like you, to explore + harness your own Cycle Superpowers. When you discover your Cycle Superpowers + play to your strengths on these days, your corporate life + home life transform. You are more productive, more inspirational, more creative + more rested. Yup. All of it.

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