Apr, 2020

I wrote a book! After years of meticulously tracking my energy and mapping out my Cycle Superpowers, it was time to write My SUPERR Cycle.  

My SUPERR Cycle is your go-to-guide to navigate your menstrual, lunar, circadian and seasonal Cycle Superpowers. 

Available now in paperback so you can document your very own experiences right there on the recycled paper (don’t worry – recycled paper has come a long way and this stock is so incredibly lush!).

You can pick up your own copy of My SUPERR Cycle by clicking the link to my shop. 

This book supports you to understand the 6 phases and 12 Cycle Superpowers of My SUPERR Cycle, so you can create your very best cyclical life! 

Hungry for more? You can read all about your 12 Cycle Superpowers across the 6 phases of My SUPERR Cycle in my book. It's your go-to-guide in navigating your menstrual, lunar, circadian and seasonal Cycle Superpowers! 

If you have questions about your cycle and how you can incorporate My SUPERR Cycle into your life PLEASE take advantage of my complimentary and confidential 45 minute Discovery consultation.  

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Summer Solstice Energy

At Summer Solstice I feel unstoppable. Plus, I’m ovulating, it’s the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice energy keeps me going, doing all the things.

The number 1 way fear is harming your menstrual cycle

Fear and hormones are intrinsically linked, but do you know the number 1 way fear is harming your menstrual cycle? It’s through a hormone heist!

Rabbits Take Action Towards Fear

Why is Rabbit in my business name? Well, Rabbits take action towards fear. Even when the fear seems insurmountable, Rabbit knows she is worth fighting for.

What is a Cycle Superpowers Coach?

What does a Cycle Superpowers Coach do? Well, I support you to discover your changing energy in each phase of the cycle. And… I do something else too.

Seedling Superpower – what to do?

Seedling Menstrual Superpower arrives on Day 1 of bleeding. Characterised by low physical energy but huge creative energy, it’s the best time for big ideas!

Michaela Rosandich

Cycle Superpowers Coach

In 2016, after nearly 2 decades working in corporate, I created Empress Crow and Rabbit to celebrate the cycles (lunar, menstrual + seasonal).

Now, I'm a Life Coach + I support high achievers just like you, to explore + harness your own Cycle Superpowers. When you discover your Cycle Superpowers + play to your strengths on these days, your corporate life + home life transform. You are more productive, more inspirational, more creative + more rested. Yup. All of it.

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