Aug, 2018

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about intuition and trust.

All the times intuition has saved me, housed me, employed me.

Like that time intuition lost my car keys one morning, so I wouldn’t be on the freeway on the way to work, when an enormous road-train jack-knifed into the lane I would normally be in.

I lived that day when others did not.

Like that time we were house-hunting online for 3 months before agreeing on a suburb we could afford to buy in.

One afternoon, we hopped in the car and went for a drive to visit the area for the first time. Despite all the research in my head, my intuition spoke through me.

“We can’t buy here. It’s a flood risk.”

We were not married at the time, but if we were, divorce would have been imminent. He was so angry with me – after all, we’d done months of research, the area had never flooded before, and did I mention he’s a water engineer?

“Where’s your proof?” he demanded.

I had none.

I didn’t budge.

3 months later, the area experienced unprecedented heavy flooding. 8 years later, the property values have still not recovered.

Like that time I was at work trying to remember an acquaintance’s unusual, never-heard-before first name.

A colleague’s phone began to ring, and absentmindedly, I picked it up. The caller introduced themselves with that exact, very unusual first name.

This wasn’t my first intuition rodeo, so I knew it was a powerful sign. My senses immediately on high alert to what was coming next, I went on my lunch break (at my desk of course. That was before I knew about eating with the seasons or you know, going outside).

On my computer, I clicked on an ad for a house rental that was in our budget, in an area I loved and with a north-facing yard perfect for drying washing.

It was like the ad was written for me – I am fanatical about north-facing yards and there was even a photo of the washing line. Nevermind that 70s kitchen, EVERYONE was going to rush for that house with that washing line! I needed to move fast if I wanted it.

Within a week, we were packing boxes, moving in and were happy renting there for another 7 years.

Like that time I was looking at jobs on Seek.

Exasperated, I went to close out of the window, but I stopped when the screen flickered, refreshed itself, and a new ad appeared at the top with a role that perfectly matched my qualifications and experience.

I’ve never seen the Seek website refresh itself like that before or since.

I got the job.

Like that time I was on Day 1 of my menstrual cycle, in pain, hot water bottle on my belly, reading the book I’d won as a random door prize the night before at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day, when voila.

Clear as a bell, my intuition delivered the message.

“Change The Date.”

I’d like to say I responded immediately, but I didn’t, because it’s taken me a full week of irrational panic and fear as my head contorted with what my womb had instructed.

Could I really change the date just because I heard a voice? What would people think of me?

Finally I alchemised my fear into action and changed the date to the Alchemise Fear workshop to Saturday 13th October.

I don’t yet know why I had to change the date, but I’m trusting my intuition does.

This Full Moon on 26th August 9.56pm AEST I am giving great thanks for my intuition coming into fullness.

If you’d like to buy tickets to Alchemise Fear – please click here. I’d so love to see you and together work out a plan to alchemise your own fear.

And if you’d like to read more about why I created this workshop, please click here. 

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