As the marketing manager for a medical devices multinational, I was on a field visit to a hospital in Sydney 10 years ago when a client asked me a question that changed the trajectory of my career. She asked me how I came up with such creative ideas.

It was a watershed moment for me, because that’s when I realised that all my best business ideas that later became powerful tools for my sales team, I came up with when I had my period.

I’d be bleeding heavily and usually with a migraine on my Day 2 when this “Aha!” moment would somehow arrive through the pain.

I’d jot down some bullet points on the notepad by my desk, and I’d only look at it a few days later when it was time to start polishing my idea.

This awareness of my menstrual creativity started me on my own menstrual revolution, following the gluten free breadcrumbs to books, blogs, workshops, clinical studies and eventually certification as a Beautiful You Life Coach.

I created 12 Cycle Superpowers that became the body of work I now share with high achieving women just like you, through my coaching, events and with my book My SUPERR Cycle.

I know it’s brave work to step into celebrating your menstrual cycle when we live in a workplace culture that doesn’t yet honour it. It’s paradigm shaking stuff, which is why I’m also passionate about working with fear and using that fear as momentum for new action.

I get it – the fear of doing something new coupled with period pain, fluctuating energy levels, messy leaks, and with hormones changing your cognitive landscape every week by 25% – embracing your cycle can create… ahem… certain challenges!

It’s big work you are doing and I welcome you so sincerely – it’s such a privilege to have you here as you lean into your curiosity about the cycles.

I’m right here with you as you navigate this new mindset of considering your cyclical energy as a series of superpowers, PLUS the career secret-weapon the boys club never told you about.


  • I am a qualified Life Coach (Beautiful You Coaching Academy).
  • I am a graduate of the Four Seasons Journey (School of Shamanic Womancraft).
  • I have a degree in International Communication (I started studying in 1999 when no one knew what Comms was!).


  • I spent my 20s on hormonal contraception because my period symptoms were so horrendous.
  • I’ve had menstrual migraines and horrific pain for most of my cycles and have finally figured out the secret sauce to manage them (and no, it’s not kale smoothies).
  • I now understand, respect and honour the lunar, seasonal and circadian cycles for the career boosting powerhouses they are.



I love sequins, I am a dog person but have a cat called Katty, I’m a bit sweary and I obsess about the length of my fringe.  Also…

  • I used to think the moon was always full and the clouds were just hiding it. (Nope).
  • I used to think honouring the seasons was something only witches did. (Not even).
  • I used to think taking a nap when I was so tired I couldn’t speak properly, was laziness. (Wrong again).

My accent is a bit funny (or wonderfully fabulous depending on your perspective) because I was born in New Zealand, lived in Croatia and the US as a child, and worked in Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and England as an adult.

I am a Mother of a Dragon (actually, she’s human but that’s hardly quirky is it? and I’m trying to impress you here!), I play a mean backhand volley in tennis, I’m an introvert who thrives in the spotlight, I love heels but hate wearing them, my favourite colour is purple, I have a wild sense of humour and a penchant for the ridiculous.

And I’m so tickled you are here!

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Michaela Rosandich

Cycle Superpowers Coach

In 2016, after nearly 2 decades working in corporate, I created Empress Crow and Rabbit to celebrate the cycles (lunar, menstrual + seasonal).

Now, I'm a Life Coach + I support high achievers just like you, to explore + harness your own Cycle Superpowers. When you discover your Cycle Superpowers + play to your strengths on these days, your corporate life + home life transform. You are more productive, more inspirational, more creative + more rested. Yup. All of it.

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