What are the benefits of Seed Cycling?
Jun, 2019
I’m going to make a big unsubstantiated claim right now – Seed Cycling is the bomdiggitedy!

The menstruation silver bullet if you will.

The hormone balancer all-rounder.

The quick fix you’ve been looking for!
Oops! Now you know I’m selling rainbows!

You already know there is no quick fix to supporting your menstrual cycle – it’s a big process of understanding your blood sugar, improving your digestion and supporting your liver.

It can be a big lifestyle change as you change your diet and how you exercise. Plus an even bigger cognitive shift as you begin to change your workflow according to your menstrual superpowers and truly take care of yourself.


Don’t let that scare you away.

You can kickstart the process and achieve some early wins through seed cycling.

Sounds too good to be true?
I thought so too, so in the name of research, I put seed cycling through its paces.

I’m 41, peri-menopausal, with a 29 year history of menstrual migraines, nearly 3 years of fibrocystic breasts, and 1 child. (They lied! Having a child DID NOT fix everything in my menstrual cycle!)

I’d read that it would take about 3 months to see significant change – pffffttt. I was so sceptical after nearly 30 years of roughing it with my menstrual cycle!

But I quickly noticed significant shifts in my sleeping, and it took just 4 cycles to deliver a period that was 28 days with no spotting.

Just 4 cycles to resolve 2 years of a 19-24 day cycle, and 3-4 days of spotting beforehand? #smugness

Here’s my results after 4 months of trial:
From a 19 day cycle two years ago (not fun), to a 28 day cycle today (#winning).

No brown spotting 3-4days before my red blood actually starts.

Falling asleep more easily.

Less waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep (Full Moons notwithstanding).

Reduced night sweats.

Reduced intensity in migraines / headaches at ovulation and menstruation.

Significant reduction in breast pain and lumpiness.

Increased libido in the pre-ovulation and ovulation phase (wowsers! I’ve NEVER experienced this kind of sustained zing before).

Increased energy throughout my cycle – not just at ovulation or at my progesterone peak in the luteal phase.

Increased awareness of my menstrual superpowers and when they shift from one to the next.

So how do you do seed cycle?
It’s absurdly simple.

In the first 14 days of your cycle, eat pumpkin seeds and/or flaxseeds – about 2 tablespoons per day.

In the second 14 days of your cycle, eat sesame seeds and/or sunflower seeds – about 2 tablespoons per day.

Buy yourself a new spice grinder or coffee grinder and each day, grind these hope peddlers up as you need them. (They will lose their freshness, oxidise and lose their magic if you grind in advance).

If the taste of these seeds of golden relief don’t excite you, try sneaking them into smoothies, blissballs, soup, broth or sprinkled on food.

Organic, activated seeds are ideal for maximum nutrition and easy digestion.

And that’s how you seed cycle.

Importantly, these seeds don’t actually contain estrogen or progesterone – instead, they encourage your body to make the hormones in the levels that support your unique needs.

That means making the right kind of estrogen in the first half, and making the right amount of progesterone in the second half.

If you are trying to coax back your cycle, or it’s often MIA, start eating pumpkin seeds/flaxseeds on the New Moon and then switch to sesame seeds/sunflower seeds on the Full Moon. (If you don’t know the moon phases, you can download the complimentary Empress Crow and Rabbit Cycles Calendar here).

If you are 40+ and just starting with peri-menopause symptoms, eat according to the cycle you have. Start with pumpkin seeds/flaxseeds on your Day 1 – this is the day you see red blood, not the brown spotting. Then, the day after you ovulate (even if it’s only Day 8), switch to sesame seeds/sunflower seeds. When you start to bleed again (red blood, not the brown spotting), switch back again to pumpkin seeds/flaxseeds (even if it’s only Day 22).

Eat according to the peri-menopause cycle you have and this will support your hormones – like me, you might even notice your cycle starts to change (for the better!).

If you are menopausal and you haven’t ovulated by Day 14, stop eating the pumpkin seeds/flaxseeds and switch to sesame/sunflower seeds for the next 14 days. Your period might not be coming that month regardless of how many seeds you eat! So switch now to a 28 day process – 14 days of pumpkin/flaxseeds, followed by 14 days of sesame/sunflower seeds.

If you are on hormonal contraception and starting to think about what it might be like to live in harmony with your cycle, seed cycling could be an ideal place to start.

You could start seed cycling 2-3 months before you finish your hormonal contraception. This will get you into the rhythm of eating different foods for each cycle phase and who knows – may ease your transition. May it be so!

Like with anything new, please start slow – perhaps just 1 teaspoon of each seed a day for the first month, and then build up to 2 tablespoons per day by the 3rd month.

Trust how you feel doing it and wind back/increase as you feel you need to.

So there we have it – the introduction to seed cycling and a sharing of my own results. Will you give it a try? Please let me know how you go!

May seed cycling be your silver bullet and the start of your own menstruation smugness!

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(Disclaimer: this website is for education purposes only and does not replace the advice of a healthcare professional).

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