Trump on Feminism


Oct, 2016

Donald Trump is a turd.

A freshly laid kind of turd that when you stand on it, it makes a hell of a mess. It looks and sounds disgusting, all squelchy, wet and offensive. “Better to stay away from it,” you say to your walking companion who replies, “You betcha, although it’s probably better out than in.”

You might also say, just quietly, that Trump is the living archetype of President Snow in all his tyrannical turdiness.

And here’s the thing. Hilary Clinton is a turd too.

And I don’t mean the freshly laid kind. I mean the white, sneaky kind. When you stand on it, it’s all dusty, a nuisance on your shoes and in your airways but you move on. However, its impact is insidious, seducing you into silence with its law and order and Monsanto-loving fumes. You might say, “I prefer the fraudulent kind,” because at least President Coin turd is not as vomit-inducing or as messy as the fresh kind.

But make no mistake, both types are still turds.

In the US, the democracy needs the masses for the president to be elected but as both options are shit, I keep waiting to hear about a massive boycott of the polls. Or the final scandal that sees both Trump and Clinton evicted from their parties for their dirty tactics. Or a groundswell of voters switching to the often forgotten, seldom talked about third option. Jill Stein seems to have her head and heart in the right place…

Meanwhile, celebrities are shrieking “VOTE people! VOTE! Make your vote count so the other turd doesn’t get in.”


The Americans seem trapped, unable to see their way out of their own rules.

They forget that they made the rules, so duh, of course they can break them.

Way over on the other side of the word, I remain hopeful for an organized fourth option (preferably led by Katniss Everdeen), while lamenting the silliness of the US political structure, its population held over a barrel by a broken system that exists only in the mind. It’s not real! Please wake up America. It’s only as real as you make it and you have the power to change it.

But in case you don’t wake up in time America, I got to wondering if there are any positives in all of this… And here’s the thing.

My channel to the world has never been so stuffed full of condemnation for Trump’s vile, misogynist, racist piggery. Women are mad. Men are mad. Trump supporters are mad. Everyone is mad and things are really heating up out there.


Trump has started some powerful global conversations that we have all been ignoring under our complacent, capitalist haze. The problems are both here and over there, and they have always existed, but so long as they aren’t too in our face or affect the tax rate too much, we just go about our lives half-heartedly hoping things might get better, while suffocating in our own sedentary stupor.

Inadvertently, Trump is unifying the masses to speak out against stupidity, to start those messy conversations about equality that we all know we need to have. He is pushing us all outside of our own individualistic bubble; past our mortgage, past our job, past our once-blind eye.

Here’s the thing. Trump has revived feminism in a way Clinton never has.

I see Trump as the accidental leader of the New Feminist Revolution – ushering in equality for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, social status, race and any other label he chooses to mobilise through his hate-speak.

With Trump at the top of the heap, only he has the power to incite the masses into action to bring this house of cards down.

Over to you now Katniss.

Viva La Revolucion!


Dr Marion Rose is a Creative Business Mentor + Mothering Mentor. She is the embodiment of self-compassion, advocating unconditional love for all feelings.

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