Summer Solstice
Dec, 2018
Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is on the 22nd December. It’s the longest day and the shortest night of the year.

And for me, it feels a lot like I’m rushing to catch a train.

Grabbing luggage as I go, a teeny bit of anxiety, shouting instructions to anyone who will listen, laughing hysterically, items on my To Do Lists crashing together in my head.

Summer Solstice is all the things.
At least, that’s my experience of the wild energy heading into Summer Solstice.

Some people liken it to foreplay – the building before the climax. There’s so much stimulus – in my head, in my body, outside of me, out there in the seasons.

And to compound it this year (and by some Christmas miracle), I’m cycling with the moon AND the seasonal cycle.

I’m heading into ovulation, it’s Summer Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s the Full Moon on December 23 at 4.48am. I’m feeling outwardly focused, I’m saying yes to everything and everyone, and I’m oh so busy!

I barely finish one thing on my To Do List and the next is already crowding my thoughts, clamouring for attention.

It’s all happening.

Summer Solstice is all the things.

All the Things.

When else would I have the energy to publish my free giveaway, the Empress Crow and Rabbit Cycles Calendar with Menstrual Superpowers?

When else would I have the energy to launch the Hello Wonder Woman Workshop?

With all that going on, when else would I have the energy to support a new client with a Corporate Wonder Woman Discovery coaching series?

When else?

Only on Summer Solstice because…

Summer Solstice is all the things.

All the Things.


Summer Solstice is my mother’s birthday too.

Summer Solstice is also my due date – yes, I was due on my mother’s birthday, on the Summer Solstice 41 years ago – but I came a week late. Because of course, I was too busy doing ALL THE THINGS inside the womb.

It’s a pattern that plays out in my real life to this day – I’m often late catching the weekend train, because I’m too busy doing all the things to get out the door on time.

“Just one more thing!” I say to myself as I pop on a load of washing, send an overdue text to a friend, pay a bill online, dress my daughter in mismatched clothes, tidy the lounge, jot down a blog idea, call the store and ask them to gift wrap the present I’m swinging by to collect because I didn’t manage to buy it yesterday, check the train timetable for the next train because clearly I’m going to miss this one…


The Summer Solstice energy is in my birth imprint, and at certain times in my cycle this unsustainable, yes to everyone and everything, high-speed, nervous exuberance explodes out of me.

It often results in wild productivity.

It often results in burnout.

And burnout always results in regret.

Summer Solstice is certainly all the things, but maybe this year it will be different.

Meanwhile, I’m still rushing to do all the things… so maybe one day, I’ll catch that train.

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