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There are 2 ways we can work together 1 on 1, either over 1 month, or over 3 months:

Hello Wonder Woman Workshop | Organisation

My signature Hello Wonder Woman Workshop is for organisations passionate about improving the lives of their female employees. A combination of self-defence and life coaching, it’s an extraordinary team building activity with far reaching benefits.

Hello Wonder Woman Workshop | Public

Find out when the next Public Hello Wonder Woman Workshop will be!

Michaela Rosandich

Cycle Superpowers Coach

In 2016, after nearly 2 decades working in corporate, I created Empress Crow and Rabbit to celebrate the cycles (lunar, menstrual + seasonal).

Now, I'm a Life Coach + I support high achievers just like you, to explore + harness your own Cycle Superpowers. When you discover your Cycle Superpowers + play to your strengths on these days, your corporate life + home life transform. You are more productive, more inspirational, more creative + more rested. Yup. All of it.

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