I made a Lunar Calendar


Jul, 2017

Photo Credit John Silliman

I went shopping recently for a new calendar – specifically, I was after a lunar calendar that listed the full and new moon dates for the Southern Hemisphere.

I came home empty-handed, disappointed at the selection of cute cats, concrete architecture, vintage planes and total lack of feminine strength.

That disappointment quickly turned into inspiration as I realised: I already have online stories of the most incredible women leading imaginative lives.

Perhaps I could use what I already have and make my own lunar calendar?

And then the self-doubt stormed in.

I’m not a maker, I’m not creative, I’ve never made anything before.

Who am I to think I could make such a thing?

What if it fails?

What if no one likes it?



What if I could make it?

What if I could make something beautiful, something that felt amazing to touch, something that inspired me every single time I looked at it?

And sure it might not suit everyone, but what if I could make a calendar that suited just my needs?

What if I could say yes to myself today and every day for the rest of the year?

So I began the process of trying to make something.

I asked the brilliant Dianna at Brave Agency to help me make something that was both functional and beautiful.

I reached out to six women who had never been featured in calendars before, and I asked them to trust me with this vision I had.

A vision to tap into the natural world, even with busy lives and homes inside concrete jungles with extreme light pollution…

A vision of the Southern Hemisphere moon phases, so if I couldn’t actually be outside to see the moon, I still knew what was happening in the night sky…

A vision where households celebrated real women, real stories, real inspiration…

And by seeing feminine strength as a daily reminder hanging on the wall, it becomes our new normal and may we be warmed by it, validated by it, motivated by it.

It’s the only lunar calendar that represents the Southern Hemisphere moon phases, with stories of six inspirational women and space to write my monthly intentions.

It’s the only lunar calendar to have a crow on the front cover so beautifully embossed that I can actually feel her feathers and wonder what it must be like to be in flight.

It’s the only lunar calendar that I make a wish on as I turn the page on the eve of every dark moon.

It’s the only lunar calendar to have 10% of sales donated to a Woman’s Refuge, to support incredibly strong women breaking their silence.

It’s the only calendar like it in the world.

And that’s because I made it.

You can buy your very own copy here.

If you are in Melbourne, I’d love to see you at the Empress Crow and Rabbit Lunar Calendar Launch Party!

Come and join us watching Wonder Woman at the movies on July 8th, 2017 and sit in a cinema full of Empresses and their consorts!

See you there xo

2018 Lunar Calendar

The digital Empress Crow and Rabbit Lunar Calendar, designed to celebrate personal growth, the feminine + the power of the phases of the moon, is your complimentary download, when you subscribe to the newsletter.

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