I saved a life today


Feb, 2016

I don’t have thigh gap or 23,000 followers on Instagram.

But it doesn’t matter,

because I saved a life today.


I say what I think, I have an opinion on everything, but I don’t speak up when it matters.

But it doesn’t matter,

because I saved a life today.


A wonderful dinner that I didn’t help at all with, turned into a child not breathing, a mother screaming.

But it doesn’t matter,

because I knew what to do,

I saved a life today.


I titled back his head, I breathed into his mouth, I pumped his little chest, but I forgot to count you see, I made a mistake.

But it doesn’t matter,

because I did something,

I saved a life today.


The hostess frantic on the phone to the Triple 0 operator, the dads struggling to manage the fears of the other children, my own daughter screaming. But I couldn’t give her a Mummy Cuddle just then.

But it doesn’t matter,

because we saved a life today.


The paramedics arrived, they took over, they left with lights flashing, while I let the relief and shock overwhelm me, but just for a minute.

But it doesn’t matter,

because I saved a life today.


At the hospital, the mother thanked me, hot, relieved tears falling down her face, but I dismissed her gratitude, made a joke of our pain.

But it doesn’t matter,

because I saved a life today.


And tomorrow, when I beat myself up for not being smart enough, not famous enough, not creative enough, I’ll remember.

None of it matters,

I did good,

because I saved a baby boy’s life today.

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Michaela Rosandich

Womb-Centred Leadership Coach

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Photo credit: Lucy Spartalis

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