Brain Function at Menstruation
Jan, 2019
The female body is truly fascinating – we make babies! We make milk! We make more types of orgasms!

But what do you know about brain function at menstruation?

Let me share some menstruation nerd facts that I’ve collected over the years, and you can make your own conclusions!
Did you know the X chromosome is larger than the Y? 5 times larger in fact. This gives Ms X the capacity to hold S0 much information.

Did you know the female brain has more connections between reasoning brain cells (neurons), enabling quicker thinking and better tracking of a changing situation? (Sounds like the brain you want in your boardroom, yes?)

Did you know that overall, women live longer than men? (Of course you did. Everyone knows that Michaela).

Okay, you’re still with me? Let’s move on to the slightly scientific.
Menstruum: can refer to a solvent, or menstrual discharge. It’s from Medieval Latin (menstruus monthly, mensis month) from an alchemical comparison between a base metal being transmuted into gold and the action of menstruation. (Yes indeedy – gold and menstruation in the same definition.)

Corpus Callosum: the bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allows information to pass between the two hemispheres. Did you know that during menstruation, the level of activity along this information superhighway increases?

Selective Attention: Did you know that we only pay attention to about 2 thousand of the 4 billion bits of information that we take in during waking consciousness? To illustrate, do you remember the selective attention test from 1997, with people passing a basketball? (Take a look at this video here for a refresher).

Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi: Delphi was an ancient sanctuary with a famous Oracle – a woman who was consulted about important decisions. The Pythia/Priestess was privy to vast amounts of information provided to her by influential people. When she was asked a question on certain days of the year, she was able to provide a prediction of the future.

Now, hold onto your capes Wonder Women, I’ve got some long bows to draw.
What if, at menstruation while the corpus callosum is having a private information streaming party, your brain is actually making sense of a few more of those 3billionandsomething bits of information it had previously not paid attention to?

What if, at menstruation, your brain is literally alchemising all of that data into gold?

What if, at menstruation when you receive visions, dreams and intuition seemingly from nowhere, it’s actually a critical information upgrade? (Now I’m thinking about Trinity learning to fly a helicopter in the Matrix movie!)

What if, Pythia was on her period, on those certain days of the year she opened for business?

What if, you banished the last vestiges of your menstrual shame, now that you know menses is the alchemy of information into gold?

What if, at your next menstruation you honoured yourself and your extraordinary supercomputer brain, for the Wonder Woman you are?

What if, after reading this slightly scientific and largely conjecture post, you realised you have menstrual superpowers too?

Welcome back to your body, Wonder Woman.

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